Jake Boulder Series

Watching the Bodies

When Jake Boulder is asked by his PI friend to help investigate the vicious murder of Kira Niemeyer, he soon finds himself tracking a serial killer who selects his next victim in a most unusual manner. 

As the body count rises, Boulder has to work with the police to identify the heinous killer before more lives are taken. 

What ensues is a twisted game of cat and mouse, that only Boulder or the Watcher can survive.

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The Kindred Killers

Jake Boulder’s help is requested by his best friend, Alfonse, when his cousin is crucified and burned alive along with his wife and children. 

As Boulder tries to track the heinous killers, a young woman is abducted. Soon her body is also discovered and Boulder realises both murders have something unusual in common.  

With virtually no leads for Boulder to follow, he strives to find a way to get a clue as to the killer’s identity.  But is he hunting for one killer or more?  A young couple are snatched in the middle of the night and the case takes a brutal turn. 

When the FBI are invited to help with the case, Boulder finds himself warned off the investigation. When gruesome, and incendiary, footage from a mobile phone is sent to all the major US News outlets, the pressure to find those responsible for the crimes mounts. But with the authorities against him can Boulder catch the killer before it’s too late?